Is Gold a Good Investment?

Date Published: 07/05/2022

Gold is a popular investment. People who have invested in gold have made a lot of money over the years, and it's possible that you could be next. Gold is one of the oldest forms of currency, so it can be tempting for someone who wants to make smart investments to turn to gold.

In this article, we'll discuss whether or not gold is a good investment for you. We'll explore what makes it valuable and what factors make it a good investment. By the end of this article, you should know whether or not investing in gold makes sense for you!

Is Gold a Good Investment? That Depends on a Lot of Factors

The short answer is "sometimes," gold can be a good investment. Gold has been considered money for millennia and still retains this status today. Its scarcity makes it valuable, and its physical properties make it easy to divide into smaller amounts, which makes it convenient for use as currency. For these reasons, gold has been used as money since ancient times and will continue to have value in the future.

Gold Is Permanent, Scarce, and Divisible

Gold is a precious metal that's been used for thousands of years. It has many characteristics that make it an excellent investment, but the most important are its scarcity and divisibility.

Gold is scarce because there's only so much gold in the world; its price will always be high because there isn't enough supply to meet demand. Gold coins and bars can also be bought in smaller increments, making them a great medium of exchange.

You Can't Just Print Gold Like You Can Print Fiat Currency

Gold is a physical commodity. Unlike fiat currency, which can be created by central banks at will and printed on demand, gold must be mined from the ground by humans using labor and resources that are nonrenewable.

Gold is not a currency in the same way dollars or euros are currencies; it does not have an issuing authority like the Federal Reserve Bank or European Central Bank behind it. Instead, its value comes from its ability to maintain purchasing power over time and its perceived scarcity relative to other assets such as stocks, bonds, or even money itself (most notably fiat currencies).

It Has Always Been and Always Will Be an Acceptable Medium of Exchange

Gold has been an acceptable medium of exchange for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest forms of currency and has been used to purchase goods and services since before recorded history. In fact, gold was accepted as payment even before the invention of paper money. Gold is still considered valuable today because it maintains its value over time; unlike paper currency or digital money that can depreciate with inflation, gold retains its purchasing power.

Gold Is Permanent, But Not Productive

Gold is different than other investments because it is a non-productive asset. Non-productive assets are things like paintings, antiques, and jewelry. These types of investments do not produce or generate income; they only increase in value over time.

Gold is not a good investment for people who want to build wealth because it doesn't produce any income. If gold prices go up, you can sell your gold and make money from that sale; however, if gold prices go down, you will lose some of the money invested in buying gold.

Gold Does Well In Inflationary Times

The gold market has been a good investment for many people. This is because gold is a hedge against inflation and high-interest rates.

  • Gold's value has increased over time due to inflationary pressures caused by an increase in the money supply. As the supply of money increases, its value decreases because more dollars mean less purchasing power for each dollar. This leads to higher prices on goods and services and lower investment returns.

  • Because gold is a commodity with limited supplies, it can be used as a hedge against inflation or high interest rates since its price will rise when those factors increase (and vice versa).

Gold Can Protect Your From Incompetent or Corrupt Governments

If you have concerns about the government printing more money, devaluing currency, or raising taxes so much that it becomes unaffordable to live in, then gold may be a good investment for you. It's also a good way to hedge against a financial crisis if you believe that we're headed for one in the near future

Reasons Why You Might Want to Buy Gold

Gold is the way to go if you're an investor and want to protect your money from a coming economic crisis. Here are some reasons why:

  • If the economy crashes, gold will still retain its value. If stocks and bonds crash, they will be worth much less than before. All your other investments could become worthless, but gold will always have value.

  • Gold can help you survive in case of a government collapse or devaluation of currency if things go south politically. Again, governments can print away the purchasing power of your fiat currencies, but they can't take away the value of your gold.

Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Buy Gold

Gold is not the best fit if you are looking for a short-term investment. Gold often doesn't react well to fluctuations in the market and can be subject to dramatic price changes. For example, during 2008, gold prices dropped by 20%. In contrast, stocks more consistently increase in value over time and are typically less volatile than stocks or other commodities.

Additionally, if you're interested in investing in gold as part of your retirement portfolio, your investment must perform well enough to keep up with inflation. When considering this aspect of an investment strategy, it's important to remember that inflation means a higher cost of living—and one way for investors to avoid being at risk is by generating income from their investments rather than relying on appreciation alone. While some metals, such as silver, have historically outperformed gold when measured against inflation (when adjusted for purchasing power), this hasn't always been true over extended periods. During the last 100 years, both investments saw declining values after adjustment for inflation while equities offered substantial gains.


If you're considering investing in gold, it's essential to understand the risks and benefits. Gold has been a good store of value for millennia, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Some people prefer other types of investments that don't involve physical assets—in particular, stocks and bonds. If you do decide to purchase some gold bars or coins as part of your portfolio strategy, make sure they are insured against theft and loss so that if something goes wrong with them in future years (which hopefully won't happen), then you can still get back what's owed to you without too much hassle.